About Cocoa Masterclass

"Immerse yourself in the journey of Cocoa Masterclass. Learn about our mission, philosophy, and the passionate team dedicated to providing a unique learning experience in the world of cocoa and chocolate.

Who takes the Cocoa Masterclass?

Cocoa Masterclass participants are cocoa and chocolate professionals or aspiring professionals, who are looking to gain further insights into cocoa markets and botany through experiential learning.

Our students are looking for deep dives and immersive experiences in the cocoa value chain.

They are enthusiastic to interact with industry thought leaders, and to share their own expertise with fellow students and the instructor team.

Above all, Masterclass participants have an open mind, a great sense of humor, and a passion for cocoa and chocolate!

What will I get out of the Cocoa Masterclass?

Advanced knowledge in cocoa botany and markets.
A Certificate of Achievement (subject to exam scores).
Lifetime membership in our Alumni Network.
Networking opportunities with industry leaders.
A deeper appreciation and understanding of cocoa and chocolate.
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